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Marcela Gandara 2014

Marcela Gandara - Atlanta 2014

After long months of grueling waiting, the Marcela Gandara summer concert finally unfolded Saturday, July 13. The opening act, Veronica Best, unleashed a bomb on the stage with her performance, pumping the audience with a rush of anticipation and excitement for the rest of the night. Promptly, the band Satellite stormed the stage and from the top of the balcony to the first row on the floor no one could contain their urges to jump up and down and praise the God they were singing about.

As the worship continued, from every corner of the church hands were extended towards their Savior in total surrender and adoration to Him. As the presence of God resinated into that church, The Marcela Gandara mounted the stage and worship was exploded and deposited into the hearts of each individual there. The simplicity yet intensity of God's presence in that building utterly moved and astonished everyone in attendance.

Not only that but teens and their parents embraced each other, praying over one another as broken relationships and old wounds began mending through the power of God. Not the lights, size of building, or numbers of those in attendance could compare to the witnessing of hundreds adolescents, adults, and family's brought down on their knees with tear stained cheeks completely engrossed in God's love and beauty.

The goal of Tommy Miranda Ministries is to shepherd the lost and defeated into the arms of Christ and that night that goal was more than accomplished.